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Dental extraction

Extraction of teeth is indicated in cases where teeth are deemed non-restorable: fracture, extensive dental caries, major infections or poor periodontal (gums and bone) support.

At times, extractions of teeth may be indicated in cases where there is a lack of space and extractions will allow to create space for an appropriate orthodontic alignment.

Extraction of wisdom teeth (Refer to: Wisdom teeth).


An initial consultation is necessary to perform a clinical and radiographic examination to assess whether or not it is indicated to proceed with an apicoectomy.

In certain cases, a three-dimensional radiograph (3D) may be necessary which can be taken at the office.

The apicoectomy consists of cleaning the infection at the tip of the root of a tooth followed by the placement of a scellant.

In the cases where the origin of the infection is the root tip of the tooth (apex), this technique has shown good results and allows preservation of the tooth for a longer period of time.

In cases where the prognosis of the tooth remains poor, extraction of the affected tooth may be an option.