Our services Extraction of wisdom teeth

An initial consultation is indicated prior to surgery in order to perform a clinical and radiographic evaluation in order to determine whether or not the indication is present to proceed with extractions.

In certain cases, if additional information is needed in order to complete the surgeon’s evaluation, a three-dimensional radiograph (3D) may be necessary. The scan can be performed within our office.

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to form and erupt in the mouth at the end of growth. It is common that there is a lack of space within the jaws which hinders the adequate eruption of the wisdom teeth or simply due to a lack of alignment.

Multiple complications can arise from this malalignment, such as: infections, cysts, tumors, caries, and even affecting the adjacent tooth and bone.

The ideal time to extract wisdom teeth are in the adolescent stages of life. During this phase, the roots are not completely formed, and the bone tends to be more malleable which leads to a quicker treatment and a better recuperation. The healing process (bone regeneration) tends to be quicker and more predictable.

There is the possibility to undergo the extraction of wisdom teeth under oral or intravenous sedation in order to decrease the level of anxiety should the indication present itself.

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