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Orthodontic anchorage (mini-implant)

“Micro-screws” or “mini-implants” can be used at times in order to offer patients new alternatives and treatment options when conventional treatment is not a valid option.

This treatment option may render the treatment quicker, more efficient and comfortable, at times avoiding more invasive and expensive surgery such as jaw surgery and/or replacement of teeth.

Use of “micro-screws” can allow in certain cases to close spaces for missing teeth or for teeth that have been extracted, which may avoid necessitating tooth replacement after orthodontic treatment.

SARPE (Surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion)

Rapid palatal expansion is a preliminary procedure with a goal to enlarge the maxilla (upper jaw) and the palate (roof of the mouth) in order to re-establish the widths of the jaws. This procedure is also denoted as “maxillary expansion”. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia in an operating room within a hospital setting.

The expansion is necessary once the patient has reached adult age or after the palatal suture (center of the palate) has fused. Certain practitioners recommend a surgical intervention to ease widening of the palate using an appliance known as a palatal expander.

This procedure’s goal (SARPE) is to weaken the suture to allow the appliance to apply lateral pressure, which will create a separation of the palatal suture.