Our services Conscious sedation (anesthesia)

To many patients, surgical and/or dental procedures can be a source of stress and anxiety. Sedation is a service offered in order to decrease significantly patients discomfort and stress.

There are two options available in administering anesthesia, namely, via oral or intravenous routes, and at times both.

Intravenous sedation is a process in which medication is delivered via a very thin catheter that is inserted within a vein. After the initial pinch of the needle, this process should be relatively comfortable and pain-free.  The ultimate goal is to alter the level of consciousness in order to decrease stress and create a certain amount of amnesia. Once the procedure is completed, you will progressively regain your level of consciousness. You will only be discharged once you are deemed stable by the surgical staff.

At the initial consultation visit, we will evaluate not only your case but also your level of anxiety and whether or not you are a candidate for sedation. It is important you review with the surgeon details of your medical history and whether or not any changes in your medical or family history arise.